Odoo's Top 6 Features according to Tobias Hammeke

Comprehensive, reliable, and easy-to-use business management software solutions to help you reach your full potential and increase profitability.

In this digital era, more and more entrepreneurs and managing directors in medium-sized companies are looking for the ideal business management software. Software like Odoo is becoming increasingly important to support business needs and help them reach their full potential. This article will discuss why Odoo is the perfect business management software choice, especially for mid-sized companies.

Tobias Hammeke, CEO and founder of Odoo Business Solutions (OBS Solutions)

Six Main Features

Odoo is the ideal business management software to help you reach your full potential. According to Tobias Hammeke, CEO and founder of Odoo Business Solutions (OBS Solutions), Odoo excels in 6 main features:

1. Fully Integrated Management Software

Have you ever experienced difficulties because your company's software was not well integrated? As a result, you don't have a comprehensive (360-degree) view of important customer information. Without an integrated software solution, even simple processes can be time-consuming, frustrating, and error-prone.

With Odoo, almost all your business needs can be managed in one system, with over 25,000 modules available covering ERP functions for Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing, Project Management, Accounting, and many other extensions. Odoo also supports all sales channels such as Point of Sales (POS), CRM, and multi-ecommerce. Additionally, Odoo can handle additional business functions in other important areas such as marketing and HR.

2. Everything is multi-purpose

In Odoo, everything is multi: multi-company, multi-warehouse, multi-website, and even multi-ecommerce. Odoo also supports accounting localization, multi-language, and multi-currency, with automatic exchange rate updates.

Plus, the consolidation module ensures you're always in control of your business needs, all in one place.

Everything is multi-purpose

3. Limitless Customization

Odoo offers extensive customization. However, remember that the more you customize Odoo, the more complex and expensive the system will become.

Therefore, OBS uses the Odoo standard as much as possible with various integration possibilities and existing modules. Keep in mind that almost anything can be done in Odoo.

4. Stunning User Interface

Odoo's user interface is amazing. Let's see how we can complete the entire process, from sales opportunity to customer invoice, in just 25 seconds.

The process:

  • Customers come in through sales channels.
  • Turn into an opportunity.
  • Bids are created using bid templates.
  • The offer is then automatically sent to the customer via email.
  • Customers can accept offers and confirm orders online.
  • All order fulfillment activities then start automatically.
  • An invoice is created, sent to the customer, and the sales cycle is complete.

5. Enabling Industry 4.0 Digitalization

With a document model, your business can operate 100% paperless. Odoo allows you to automate any business process and bring your business fully into the digital era.

With Odoo IoT Box, you can improve your business operations by connecting all your IoT devices and machines to Odoo. Additionally, Odoo with artificial intelligence (AI) can predict your next move based on your usage history, using machine learning or Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


6. Best Price/Performance Ratio

With Odoo, you can cover a wide range of business functions. Odoo does not use traditional licensing fees, but rather Odoo Enterprise contracts with standard upgrades including bug or anomaly fixes.

This scheme offers an ideal combination of affordable costs and optimal performance. It provides the best value for your investment by providing rich features and functionality, responsive customer support, and easy scalability.


Odoo is the ideal choice for your business management software, with advanced features that help you reach your full potential and increase efficiency and profitability.

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