About Us

We are General Consultants with 3 main services namely Construction Solution, IT (ERP) Solution with ODOO platform, and Multimedia Solution.

We are a passionate team dedicated to improving the lives of every individual through superior products. We are focused on building the best business solutions to solve the various challenges that you may face.

Our products are designed for small to medium size companies willing to optimize their performance.

Company Vision

To be a general consulting firm with a good reputation, widely recognized as a leader in consulting services by always providing the best and most innovative services. Fujicon also wants to be an organization that provides sustainable positive benefits and impacts for stakeholders in particular, the environment, society and all mankind in general.

Company Mission


Providing the best consulting services for clients, by providing solutions in the fields of Construction, IT and Multimedia.


Always improve the quality of service, by continuing to innovate and adapt to the times and technology.


To become a place for growth for all its members, by creating a healthy, fair and comfortable work environment, as well as providing the widest opportunity for self-development of each individual in order to achieve the company's Vision.


With the spirit of intrapreneurship, Fujicon encourages all individuals to be able to open up the widest possible field of work, in order to provide significant and sustainable benefits and positive impacts for the environment, the wider community, and humanity in general.