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We are supporting digital services such as graphic design, motion graphics, 3D Augmented Reality (AR), and 3D Virtual Reality (VR).

AR/VR Solutions includes services for making Digital Mockups in 3D Virtual Reality, 3D Augmented Reality, and 3D Animation/Movie formats, especially to visualize construction projects, which include buildings, and infrastructure (roads, bridges, railroads, drainage, etc.). For presentation and socialization needs, this media can be a complement/replacement for Physical Models that have been used in construction projects so far.

Our Services

3D Virtual Reality (VR) Digital Mockup

Experience the feeling of being inside your project before construction begins. Explore the rooms, see the design details, and feel the scale in real time.

3D Augmented Reality (AR) Digital Mockup

Overlay a 3D model of your project in a real-world environment. See how your building will look in its actual location, considering factors such as shadows and lighting.

3D Animation/Movie

Create animated videos that show the construction process of your project from start to finish. This is an ideal tool for project presentations and public outreach.

Benefits of AR/VR Services

Better Visualization

Gain a clearer understanding of your project design compared to 2D models or physical models.

Increased Efficiency

Identify potential problems and make design adjustments before construction begins, saving time and money.

More Effective Communication

Use AR/VR models for more engaging and informative presentations to clients, project teams, and the public.

Better Decision Making

Immersive visualization helps you make more informed decisions about project design and construction.

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