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Promisco Sinergi Indonesia

Implementation of Odoo for managing company business processes from project management, HRM, company asset management to financial reporting.

Bola Dunia Walet

In collaboration with Inovasi Dinamika Solusi

Implementation of Odoo to integrate business processes at Bola Dunia Walet, starting from Inventory management to Manufacturing, Sales, HRM, and Accounting. 

(2022) Indobagus Investama

Implementation Odoo (Accounting / Finance Multi Company).

(2022) GITS Indonesia

Implementation of Odoo for project management up to billing per milestone, employee tasks and timesheets integrated with third party software as well as recording employee information and performance up to employee payroll.

(2021) Mursmedic

Odoo implementation for business management including manufacturing, inventory and sales in multi-company and recording of financial transactions in multi-currency.

(2021) Pesona Optima Jasa

Implementation of Odoo for managing rental business and outsourcing services, including employee information and activities records, sales, asset management, and financial transactions per business unit records.

(2020) Point of Sales

Systems that support sales transactions, such as in supermarkets, restaurants or cafes. In general, this POS system will be coupled with a computer or cash register (cash register).

(2020) M-eCommerce

The activity of buying or selling products electronically on online services or via the Internet. Management of websites, products, orders and sales.

(2019) B-Marketplace

A marketplace application that facilitates buying and selling online and is integrated with WhatsApp for transaction information.

(2019) Kibarnet

A system for managing a Cooperative for members of INKINDO West Java.

(2019) Hotel Management

Hotel business activity recording system
starting from the management of room facilities, to accounting records reports.

(2019) Fuji Express

Website Management and business flow
for goods and cargo transportation services.

(2019) Optic Management

Recording the transaction process at Optics starts from the history of the results of eye check-ups to the calculation of the BPJS and General financial reports.

(2018) E-Marketplace

The first marketplace application that facilitates buying and selling online and offline, specifically for Market products.

(2019) Education Management System

Smart campus system that manages needs such as student/teacher contact, attendance, faculties, assignments, exams, library to administration.

(2019) Quality Management System

The tools system supports the Quality Management Representative Division, starting from making SOPs to quality objectives.

(2019) System Budget Plan (RAB)

Creating a system for budget plan

(2019) Jalameta Pilar Sinergis

Odoo Implementation at Jalameta.

(2019) Bangun Kapasitas

The company's business management system, including managing budget plans and project realization to recording company financial reports using Odoo.

(2019) Inkindo Jabar

Manage information and Registration of INKINDO Members/Members in West Java. Starting from active members to managing the contributions of each member.

(2018) IJB Net System Development

Managing information and coordinating forums for Indonesian Citizens (WNI) who have competence and wish to work in Japan.

(2018) Pengembangan Sistem Informasi Inkindo

Mengelola informasi dan Pencatatan Anggota/Member INKINDO se Jawa Barat. dari mulai anggota aktif sampai dengan pengelolaan iuran setiap anggota.

2018 (PSI)

Enterprise business process management system from start. Project Management, HR to Accounting.

(2018) H-Addons Overtime

Records of customer invoice billing transactions based on overtime calculations with flat and non-flat counts (counts according to statutory regulations) directly from the timesheet.

(2018) Indonesia Japan Business

Managing information and coordinating forums for Indonesian Citizens (WNI) who have competence and wish to work in Japan.

(2017) Hamaren Education Center

HR Management System.

(2017) Hamaren Transport Raya

Web Application Development for Car Rent.

(2016) Daya Lima

HR and CRM Management system.

(2015) NSK Bearing Manufacturing Indonesia

Created website application.

(2014) Web Design (South Tangerang)

Web design that displays information about the City of Tangerang.

(2014) Multimedia Interaktif Karya HK untuk Bangsa

Videos portfolio featuring HK projects.
(April 2014)

(2014) Geologi Sistem Informasi

Application of analysis and development of information systems for the Geology Education and Training Center in the internal environment.
(October 2014)

(2014) Sistem Informasi Pembangunan Daerah (SPID) MK

Create a construction process management application for SPID in Cikarang.
(October 2014)

(2013) eReporting Bapelkes Batam

E-Reporting System for Batam Health Center.
(June 2013)

(2013) Database Kepegawaian Diskamtam

Employee database system for Funeral and Landscaping Offices.
(April 2013)

(2012) Dishub Sipelah

Pembebasan lahan basis data sistem informasi Kertajati untuk Bandara Internasional Jawa Barat. 
(April 2012)

(2012) Dishub AKDP

Transportation passenger database for provinces and cities in the West Java region.
(April 2012)

(2012) eLibrary

Bapelkes Batam integrated application systems for reservation & billing systems, office and library applications.
(March 2012)

(2012) KKOP

Geographic Information System (GIS) for Husein Sastranegara Airport, Bandung flight operation safe zone.
(February 2012)

(2012) MMS Brigdebook

Filled with information related to bridge data in Indonesia, such as the location of the bridge, the shape of the bridge, the condition of the bridge, etc.
(January 2012)

(2008) Studio K

Keitai (mobile) version website of a music studio in Japan.

(2008) Mitsuko

Keitai (mobile) version of a café and karaoke website in Japan that provides information about the services provided.

(2008) Bonuru

A website for famous opera artists in Japan which contains information on how to register to become a student and purchase tickets to watch a performance organized by Bonuru. This website consists of 2 versions, namely the PC and Keitai versions

(2008) Koukoku

Registration website for advertising that will be displayed on a 52” LCD TV in Saiyuan, Japan.

(2008) DBI

A website that is used as a promotional event for a café. This website consists of 2 versions, namely the PC and Keitai (mobile) versions.

(2008) Tamura T

Stone carving expert, Tamura Tomoyoshi's website, featuring his creations. This website consists of 2 versions, namely the PC version and Keitai (mobile).

(2008) Saiyuan

A website where an exhibition/gallery of works of art such as photographs, sculptures, paintings and others are made by artists from Japan. This website consists of 2 versions, namely the PC and Keitai (mobile) versions.

(2008) Tamura 1

The keitai (mobile) version of the website displays the biography of Tamura Tomoyoshi and the works he has produced.

(2007) Club

Website that contains information for the general public regarding procedures for registering to become a member of GFI.

(2007) Mobile

Keitai version of the GFI website (HandPhone) which contains general information about GFI.

(2007) Kojin HP

Keitai version of the website (mobile) which has the function of displaying data and information regarding client profiles to the general public.

(2007) GFI World

A website that contains links from registered GFI members to be viewed by clients as administrators.