5 Fatal Production Management Mistakes that Hinder the Progress of Your Business

These fatal mistakes in production management must be avoided so that your business can run smoothly and achieve success.

Behind the glittering products that decorate store shelves and fulfill human needs are industrial kitchens working hard without stopping. There, raw materials are processed, formed, and assembled into superior products that are ready for consumers to enjoy. However, behind this complex production process, various challenges must be faced, one of which is production management.

Optimal production management is the main key to a smooth and successful business. Mistakes in managing the production process can have fatal consequences, such as delays in production, increased costs, and even loss of consumer trust.

Imagine this scenario

A well-known shoe factory experienced significant production delays. This is caused by a poor planning system, resulting in a shortage of raw materials in several production lines. As a result, customer orders cannot be fulfilled on time, the company's reputation is tarnished, and financial losses are inevitable.

Another scenario

An electronics factory experiences a significant increase in the number of defective products. This is caused by weak quality control so that products that do not meet standards pass inspection. As a result, rework and scrap costs increase, and the company's reputation is threatened.

The stories above are just a small example of various fatal mistakes in production management that can hinder the progress of your business.

Here are 5 Fatal Production Management Mistakes to Avoid.

In today's competitive manufacturing landscape, even minor hiccups in production can have a significant ripple effect. This guide delves into 5 critical production management mistakes that can derail your business.

1. Poor Planning

Poor planning is the root of various problems in the production process. This can result in shortages or excess supplies of raw materials, semi-finished products, and finished products. As a result, production flows are disrupted, storage costs increase, and even financial losses occur.

2. Inefficient Scheduling

Inefficient scheduling can cause bottlenecks in the production process. This occurs when one production stage cannot keep up with the speed of the other stages so products pile up and the production process becomes hampered. As a result, efficiency and productivity decrease, and production costs increase.

3. Weak Quality Control  

Weak quality control can result in defective products or not conforming to quality standards. This results in increased rework costs and scrap, as well as damaging the company's reputation in the eyes of consumers.  

4. Lack of Inter-Departmental Coordination 

Lack of coordination between departments can cause miscommunication and inefficiencies in the production process. This happens when the departments involved in the production process need better communication, resulting in overlapping work, wasting time, and even conflicts between departments.  

5. Suboptimal Use of Technology  

The use of technology that is not optimal can cause a slow and inflexible production process. This hampers innovation and reduces company competitiveness in the current digital era. Information technology and industrial automation can help increase efficiency and productivity, but their non-optimal use can have the opposite effect.

Solutions to Improve Production Management

To overcome fatal errors in production management, companies need to implement various strategies, such as:

  • Improve the production planning and scheduling system: Use a more accurate system integrated with other systems in the company.
  • Improve product quality control: Conduct regular product inspections, implement a strict quality control system, and use technology to assist the quality control process.
  • Improve coordination between departments: Implement effective communication between departments, hold regular coordination meetings, and create a collaborative work culture.
  • Adopt new, more sophisticated technology: Use technology such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the production process.

Odoo: The Right Production Management Solution 

Odoo is an ERP platform that can help industrial companies in Indonesia overcome various Production Management cases and increase their efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Odoo offers various modules that can help in production planning, production scheduling, quality control, coordination between departments, and much more.

However, keep in mind that Odoo is only one of the solutions available. Companies need to consider their specific needs and choose the most appropriate solution to address the Production Management cases they face.


Effective production management is essential for the smooth running and success of a business. Avoid 5 fatal mistakes in production management and implement the right strategies to increase your company's efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. Odoo can be the right solution to help you overcome various Production Management cases and achieve your business goals.

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