Digital Transformation

What is digital transformation? Why do we need digital transformation?

Business owners must be able to take advantage of technology to simplify business processes. The bigger the business, of course the existing business processes will be more complex. Planning and management between divisions must be considered properly. One of the things that can facilitate business processes is by carrying out digital transformation.

Digital transformation occurs when a company overhauls all processes, strategies, competencies and activities using the latest technology to achieve goals.

Companies that have started implementing digital transformation are already experiencing benefits such as becoming more competitive, agile, collaborative, scalable and a safer work environment.

4 Types of Digital Transformation
Process Transformation
Business Model Transformation
Domain Transformation
Organizational Transformation

Process Transformation

Process transformation is a company activity that is in a business process. Technologies such as APIs, data, analytics, and machine learning offer new ways to make decisions in every enterprise with the goal of lowering costs and increasing product quality.

Business Model Transformation

Process transformation focuses on limited business areas, while business model transformation focuses on digital technology to change traditional business models. For example, Netflix's reinvention of video distribution, or Apple's (iTunes) reinvention of music delivery.

Domain Transformation

New technologies can redefine products & services, blur industry boundaries and create entirely new sets of non-traditional competitors.

A clear example of how domain transformation works is online retailer Amazon. Amazon is expanding into a new market domain with the launch of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is now a leading provider of cloud computing/infrastructure services, in a domain previously owned by IT giants such as Microsoft and IBM.

Cultural/Organizational Transformation

Long-term digital transformation requires redefining organizational mindsets, processes, talent and capabilities in a digital world

Best-in-class companies recognize that digital requires agile test and learning workflows, decentralized decision-making, and greater reliance on business ecosystems.

Why is digital transformation needed? 

  • ​Able to adapt to changes in consumer behavior

  • Increase consumer satisfaction

  • More time and cost saving

  • Effective and efficient efforts

  • Reduce the risk of internal fraud

When is the right time to do digital transformation?

The answer is now.

When is the right time to do digital transformation?

The answer is now.

Many business people have realized the importance of technology for their companies, but there are still many business people who are hesitant to carry out digital transformation.

The thing to consider is that it takes a large amount of money to procure infrastructure and information systems for company development.

One form of digital transformation in business is to use ERP. Odoo as one of the ERP software with more than 7 million users worldwide, has more than 26,000 applications that can help business processes, ranging from simple business processes to complex business processes. 

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