Anniversary 21st Fujicon and Kick-Off Ceremony 2023

Together with 21 Core Values, Fujicon is committed to continuing to innovate and provide the best service. In this year of revival, Fujicon is ready to move forward with a spirit of togetherness and optimism.

Today, Fujicon celebrates its 21st anniversary. In this long journey, Fujicon has gone through various obstacles and achievements, with an undying spirit of togetherness and dedication. At this special moment, Fujicon not only celebrates its birthday but also marks a new beginning with the 2023 Kick-Off Ceremony.

The event began with remarks from Andhitiawarman, the Main Director of Fujicon. He expressed his pride in Fujicon's achievements over 21 years and emphasized the importance of the 21 Core Values ​​which serve as the company's guidelines. These core values, which begin with the words "FUJICON", reflect Fujicon's commitment to faith, togetherness, joy, integrity, customer focus, a structured organization, and respect for nature.


In 2023, Fujicon will carry the theme "Awakening". This theme reflects the company's determination to rise stronger and achieve the targets that have been set. Rasti Widania, Fujicon Project Manager, expressed his optimism that Fujicon will continue to develop and benefit all parties.

Employee Welcome 

Several Fujicon employees then shared their impressions and hopes for the company. Fazryan, the Project Leader, admitted that he learned many valuable lessons while working at Fujicon, including public speaking and new knowledge. Amelia, another Project Leader, was impressed by the supportive and mutually helpful work environment. Handika, the Project Coordinator, sees Fujicon as an ideal place to grow and develop, with a youthful spirit and positive vibe.

Moment of Reflection

Fujicon's 21st anniversary was a moment of reflection and projection. With 21 Core Values ​​as a foundation, Fujicon is committed to providing the best service to customers and becoming Indonesia's leading general consulting company. A spirit of togetherness and high optimism are the keys to Fujicon in achieving its vision for the future.


This year Fujicon turns 21 years old. This year we determined that together we have 21 Core values ​​that we put forward. In the 21 Core values ​​that we have, there are the main Core values ​​that we put forward for customers, each of which starts with the words Fujicon. The first Fujicon words are:

  • F for faith showing faith in the Almighty God
  • U for unity depicting Fujikon togetherness
  • J forJoyful where we enjoy our work
  • I for integrity that is non-negotiable for us
  • C for customer centricity that customers are the most important thing for us
  • O for Organized that we are one organized organization
  • N for Nature respect it means we respect the universe

Hopefully, this year will be a year of revival for Fujicon and can last for the next 100 to 200 years and always provide benefits and blessings. Thank You.

Impressions from being at Fujicon for around 17 years. Thank God, I learned a lot of new things later because unity is felt at Fujikon, so even if there is a problem, everything can be resolved by discussion with the team. The hope is that in 2023 there will still be 6 months left, all of our action plans for 2023 can be completed and in the coming years Fujicon will be more advanced and more developed.

At Fujicon, interestingly, almost 90% of the workers are young and the enthusiastic vibe is very, very great, in my opinion, this is a good place to grow, everyone has a good spirit and I believe that one day Fujicon will become a company, especially general consultants. which will be big in Indonesia and even equal to the quality in the world.

One of my most impressive impressions at Fujicon from the moment I entered was the environment. So even though we have a lot of work deadlines and so on, we support each other starting with my boss and also my friends in the construction division team. 

I have learned many lessons from Fujicon, starting from public speaking, new knowledge, and also new experiences of course.  

Fujicon would like to thank all parties who have supported the company's journey so far. With the spirit of "Revival", Fujicon is ready to move forward and achieve the targets that have been set.