Construction Solutions

Includes building design and planning, infrastructure planning, environmental planning, Master Planning, Conceptual Design, DED, Construction Management, Shop Drawing Support, Temporary structure design, and 3D/4D simulation

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IT (ERP) Solutions

Includes ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation services with the Odoo platform as a complete and integrated All-In-One application, so that it can assist companies in managing and optimizing their business processes.

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Multimedia Solutions

Includes services for making Digital Mockups in 3D Virtual Reality, 3D Augmented Reality, 3D Animation/Movie formats especially for the purposes of visualizing construction projects, which include buildings and infrastructure.

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Our Corporate Values

Our FAITH in Almighty God serves as the foundation for our actions, guiding us to act with honesty and sincerity. Our team members demonstrate UNITY, setting us apart and allowing us to achieve success together. Our JOYFUL approach fosters a positive and motivated workplace culture, making us enjoyable to work with. INTEGRITY is an essential aspect of our work culture, ensuring we always do the right thing. CUSTOMER-CENTRICITY is at the core of our business practices, guaranteeing we consistently meet our client's needs and expectations. Our dedication to being ORGANIZED enables us to maintain high efficiency, delivering quality work on time and within budget. Lastly, our NATURE-RESPECTING value reflects our commitment to sustainability and the well-being of our planet.

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