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Odoo enables your business to deal with change quickly and effectively through customized solutions to increase competitiveness.

Odoo ERP Pricing Plans


Rp 3 Juta

One Time Charge
  • Only for one application
  • Free Domain .com / .net
  • Unlimited users
  • Platform Odoo Online


Rp 150 Ribu

/ user / month
  • For all applications
  • Only one user
  • Platform Odoo Online
  • Free Video Tutorials



/ years
  • For all applications
  • Unlimited users
  • Platform Odoo Online /
  • Multi Company

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How can Odoo help improve your business efficiency?

Integration between Departments

Odoo ERP provides integration between different departments in the company, such as human resource management, finance, and production.

Operational Efficiency

Odoo ERP helps improve company operational efficiency by speeding up response times and reducing repetitive tasks.


Companies can add additional features and functionality according to their business needs and avoid zero development costs.

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Odoo saves costs and time by leveraging multiple features available on a single platform.
Then what will you get from Odoo?


Systematic recording and management of business finances.


The process of purchasing goods or services for the needs of business organizations.


Electronic pages that contain information and interactive digital content.


Proof of payment or official invoice for business transactions.


Customer management for business development and customer satisfaction.


Marketing activities and sales of products or services to customers.

Human Resources

Management of human resources and workforce of the organization.

Point of Sales

Sales and payment systems directly at the location of business transactions.


Spending money for operational costs and other business activities.


Planning and controlling stock of goods in business operations.


The process of making products in bulk through production and processing.

And much more...

Odoo has more than 26 thousand applications or add ons that are ready to help your business...

How Fujicon helps your business?


Fujicon can help you implement Odoo in your business, choose the right modules, configure and install.


If your business requires special features that Odoo doesn't provide, Fujicon can help you with custom development.


After implementation, Fujicon can provide technical support and maintenance to ensure your Odoo system runs smoothly.


Fujicon can assist you in providing training for your Odoo users so they can utilize the system effectively.

7 Million users worldwide,
has entrusted its business to Odoo

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