Corporate Value

Corporate Values, or the Company Philosophy, are principles upheld by the organization. They serve as a reflection of shared beliefs and values, providing a foundation for all employees in conducting business activities.

Fujicon's Corporate Values mirror the principles aligned with Fujicon's Vision and Mission. They play a crucial role in shaping the company's culture and serve as the basis for decision-making and actions. Furthermore, Corporate Values reinforce the company's Brand Identity and offer guidance to employees in their interactions with colleagues, clients, and business partners. These values are represented by the letters in the word 'FUJICON,' each carrying significant meanings that complement and complete one another, as follows: 

Faith describes the trust and confidence of all Fujicon members in God Almighty. FUJICON is committed to always submitting, obeying, and adhering to the principles of piety to God Almighty in carrying out all of its business activities, including in the process of making decisions, strategies and company policies. so as to provide benefits and benefits for the environment, society, nation and state.

Fairness is a value that is closely related to the character of a knight which reflects the attitude and behavior of being honest, just, brave and responsible. This value shows the determination of all levels of Fujicon to provide fair treatment to all stakeholders, regardless of gender, race or background, so as to create a productive work environment that is inclusive and beneficial for all stakeholders. Fairness also shows Fujicon's responsible and trustworthy character, which is a capital to build good relations and trust from various parties to the organization.

Forward-thinking is Fujicon's view and attitude to always look ahead and prepare for the future. This leads to innovation and sustainable business development, as well as providing benefits for all stakeholders.

Unity means togetherness and cooperation among members of the organization. Based on the culture of "obey and like to consult", Fujicon appreciates the involvement of each of its members to be active, appropriate and proportional in the decision-making process within the organization based on the spirit of mutual assistance and deliberation so as to encourage effective, fair leadership, which is the basis for the realization of team unity a solid, open, mutual trust, harmony as capital to achieve the vision and mission of the company.

Understanding is the attitude to hear and understand the needs of stakeholders, both internal and external parties. Naturally, humans were created with two ears and one mouth. This gives a signal that freedom of expression and conveying aspirations is something that needs to be respected, however, every member of the organization must also have a much greater "ability to hear", in order to be able to understand the situation and conditions of other stakeholders, so as to create a strong and harmonious cooperative relationship. .

Unique shows Fujicon's passion to always provide different added value, for all stakeholders, both internal and external. This can only be achieved by constantly practicing an "out of the box" mindset in creating this unique added value, but still ensuring that execution remains "in the box", within the limits of existing norms, culture, values and regulations.

Joyful refers to a pleasant, happy and joyful mood in working and creating. Good mood, “No Baper”, “No Drama”, so that each member of Fujicon will not be affected by excessive emotions when interacting, both with fellow team members, as well as with partners and clients. This will support increased productivity both individually and as a whole team.

Judicious means wise, an attitude that reflects thoughts and actions that are mature, rational, focused on solutions, careful but alert and careful in making and executing decisions. This ensures that all thoughts and actions taken are always in the corridor of good and correct principles.

Joint Effort emphasizes the importance of working together and working together, to achieve common goals. Every employee has an important role in achieving mutual success. Optimizing the Horenso framework in working and coordinating, so that superiors, subordinates and team mates are always connected to one another in daily activities.

Integrity is a non-negotiable aspect of our work culture. This ensures that Fujicon always acts in accordance with business ethics, which is good and right, upholds noble moral values, honesty, openness, discipline, responsibility, loyalty, and upholds professionalism, which in turn is able to maintain and increase trust. from various parties, both internal and external.

Innovation is Fujicon's attitude to always innovate and pioneer developments in its field. By developing creativity, and adopting the latest technology and methodologies, Fujicon always strives to provide innovative, up-to-date solutions and services to answer the needs of all stakeholders. At the same time this is also a space for every member of the organization to continue to grow and develop their potential.

Intrapreneurship is a company's efforts to provide space and support so that members can think and act with a high sense of belonging to the organization, thus providing acceleration for employees to be able to grow and develop, optimizing all their potential so that they can have a positive impact on all company stakeholders.

Commitment is sincerity in working, always trying to do its job wholeheartedly to give the best results, with "3-On" standards, namely On-Quality, On-Budget, and On-Time (Right Quality, Right Cost, and Right Time).

Customers-centric is Fujicon's commitment to always prioritize client satisfaction. Every step and decision taken is oriented towards the needs, expectations, suggestions and input from clients, so as to improve service quality in a sustainable manner.

Continuous improvement based on the Kaizen philosophy is a culture in which all members of the company understand the importance of making continuous improvements. This is done to improve the quality of services provided to clients and provide the widest opportunity for individuals within the organization to develop themselves.

Organized is a value that makes Fujicon always orderly in carrying out work processes. With an organized system, Fujicon can ensure that each task is carried out on time and within the specified timeframe. This ensures that every client receives the best and timely service.

Openness is a value that has always made Fujicon and its members have an open attitude, willing to accept all input and criticism with open arms. In addition, with the principles of "Open Mind", "Open Heart", and "Open Hand", Fujicon has maturity and maturity in thinking, can continue to learn and improve itself, so as to provide the best service and products for clients.

Outstanding Performance is a value that makes Fujicon always try to provide the best performance for clients. Fujicon members always try to provide the best results for clients, and perform their duties wholeheartedly. This ensures that each client receives services and products that meet expectations and high standards of quality.

Networking is the spirit so that all Fujicon members can maintain good, broad and strong relationships with clients, partners and colleagues, and all other stakeholders, both internal and external, thereby strengthening Fujicon's position in the industry and building a positive corporate image, and accelerate the achievement of organizational goals.

National Pride motivates Fujicon to become a leading company at the national level, make a significant contribution to the nation's econom​ic development and have a positive impact on society and the country. This shows Fujicon's love and sense of responsibility to the motherland and the nation's culture. Fujicon is determined to continue to advance and improve the quality and capacity of the company so that it can make a greater contribution to society, nation and state.

Nature-Respecting is a value that shows Fujicon's commitment not to have a negative impact, but on the contrary to be able to make a positive contribution and provide maximum benefits for the survival of humanity and the environment. Fujicon also always pays attention to safety and health aspects in every action it takes, and pays attention to the principles of sustainability in each of its activities.